Wine storage cabinets for family

As life progressed, the humans increasingly busy and with it the tension for a long time, not much time to relax. The way modern man enriched his soul is due to enjoy wine, because wine is not only relaxing, but also help you in emotionally uplifting.

Currently, most families use refrigerators to preserve the wine, however, this work has lost most of the flavor of wine. So, you think of a specialized preservation liquor cabinet? It is wine cooler reviews.

Storage cabinets used for domestic wine – wine is a drink quite “hard” in a preservation. Temperature greatly affects the taste and quality of wine. If you want to enjoy the best characterized fragrant wine, you can use the wine storage cabinets also known as fridge wine preserving the wine. On the market today there are many types of good quality cabinets to meet the demand of consumers.

Wine storage cabinets can hold up to 12 mini bottles of wine. With a capacity of 75 liters, which ensures wine cabinet can be kept in good condition with temperature from 5 to 20 degrees C.

  • The necessary of wine cooler

Depending on the amount of alcohol in the home, you can choose the cabinet 2 to 6 storey floor. This cabinet can hold 46 bottles of house wine if you want to have a sophisticated design and modern, you can order wine cabinet storage into the architecture of the kitchen cabinet from the beginning.

Through the air filter with activated carbon, cooling air circulation enables wine is always in the best condition for both temperature and quality wine storage cabinets wine. So when we use to reduce the temperature of wine, is how preventing the impact of the bacterial fermentation of sour wine. Because the wine was opened you up to in order to keep the liquor cabinet storage is good to drink next time.

  • Wines are stored in optimal conditions

Temperature: The temperature range of 5-18 ° C and with 2 different compartments to help you preserve optimum for white wine and red wine – ensure wine is always in standard temperature conditions.

  • Vibration

Vibration up to 30 dB and more natural wood prices below minimizes Statistics for multi vibration, minimizing affect wine quality.

Humidity: Humidity range 60-80%, making wine are stored in optimal conditions. It is also a factor in some overlooked other storage cabinets.

Design posture storage: Keeping the refrigerator while saving money and energy, but not standard, by standing orders wine in the bottle will be dry and can be detached. So wine storage cabinets designed Teka located, and wood prices – helped bottle always fixed, easy to get over.

Background temperature stability: With 2 layer glass doors, exterior insulation help ensure temperature stability in the cabinet, and especially no watery phenomenon when there are differences in temperature inside and outside the cabinet .

  • Luxury design

The outer surface of the storage cabinets are made of stainless steel and limit dust contamination, surfaces should always be long lasting shine.

In addition, black and gray of the cabinet and the polished, creating a chic style, aesthetic crown cabinet.

So with a guy who love wine and want to collect wine in their house. So they should buy a wine cooler in their house to sure they are preserving good wine with a right temperature. Low vibration, temperature and humidity standards chamber with separate adjustment, .. and luxurious style.

Wine cooler by electronic controls, glass doors with stainless steel rim and UV resistant, reversible door, help you preserve the best wine, preserved taste and smell. Or you can choose the kinds of product which can adjust heat with electronic controls, knobs made of stainless steel, glass 2 class, stand alone by the price of wood …

With temperature control system independent, refrigerated compartments are sealed and separated. The temperature of this compartment will not affect the other compartment and temperature are individually selected. Should the energy consumption will be at their lowest.

Are you looking for a wine cabinet has luxurious property, providing eye-catching medium high performance using the same size just right, do not take up too much room area? Come with wine storage cabinets and find the perfect confidence to meet all the needs of your use.