How To Run Plasma Cutter Effectively?

In the previous article we know that when cutting cut slightly skewed, and the electrode and plasma cutting nozzles will wear out during use and need replacing. However, if the operation is not correct technique will make the cut and electrode nozzles very quickly down compared to its longevity. Example: A cutting nozzles of electrode and have a lifespan of about 1000 meters cut, if operated improperly by 10 meters not cut it down.

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Then there are secrets to the road without cutting or at least skewed? No way to extend the life of the electrode and cutting nozzles? Is there a way to cut on carbon steel by plasma becomes smoother and faster cutting? Is there a way to cut out material from being blackened stainless steel and rough? The answer is yes. Here I will reveal to you the secret of each one.

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Road To Select The Plasma Cutter The Best

How to adjust the appropriate height plasma cutter? Because plasma rays emitted as a drop-shaped (bulges in the middle) as shown below. So if in the cutting head near or distant cutting materials too are making the cut will be tilted. Only when the first cut at the proper height with the surface material, the product will not cut off or be tilted very little (less than 3 degrees).

The question is how do you know what is the proper height? This parameter must follow the instructions of the manufacturer of the plasma source. For example, the tables below are the parameters of the plasma source Hypertherm Powermax105, cut line 105A.

Based on the type of material and material thickness to be cut, will investigate cut chart table above. Then select the appropriate type of cutting nozzles and settings parameters as in the Cut Chart. Include the following parameters (installed in the CNC control program):

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+ Line Cutting: Setting the cutoff line on the corresponding source type plasma cutting nozzles.

+ Thickness: Thickness of material to be cut.

+ Pierce height: height of ignition.

+ Cut Height: height at cutting.

+ Pierce delay: Timeout for plasma rays penetrate the material at ignition.

+ Speed (Feed Rate): cutting speed.

+ Voltage: Set high on controller (to automatically maintain the cutting head height). If the device does not have cuts will not have, in addition to cutting nozzles will quickly damage (due to the distance from the material to the cutting head is unstable, with the first place to cut too close to the material, hot metal parts cuts will flow from the couch and clinging to ruin cutting nozzles).

After setting the parameters under plasma cutter, conducting cutting and cutting out product observations to refine the cutting head height if necessary

Select Dimensional Plasma Cutter

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Plasma gas flow blown out from the spiral cutter head from left to right, up the right side of the road section will always be less inclined to cut over to the left. Therefore always select dimensional cut so that the product should get the right of way is cut, as shown below:

Adjust Cutting Nozzles

Once applied the two tips on where cuts still seemed tilted as desired, it is extremely effective tricks for cutting nozzles of the P-80 torch plasma source for use with the AP-90 Hero of Taiwan ( of course must be combined with 2 tips above). I tried with some cutting nozzles of the other plasma source found quite effective.

After a period of operation of the plasma cutting machine with plasma source he found that plasma cutting nozzles Cone at the bottom are then beveled by, round hole in the center is 1 gasoline faction. The main portion and a beveled hole where gasoline faction molten metal is easy to stick to making fast cutting nozzles and air jets broken ejected from a flare cut holes in the nozzles.

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