How to Clean the Recliner and the Health with Using It

The recliner is the type of chair; you often sit on it so your health will be affected. So in this article I will show you the causes of back pain if you do not using the recliner rightly. Hopefully, you can choose the cheap recliners with your purpose and also the cheapest recliner belongs to your health

Some Cause of Back Pain

You should review the working posture correct her, because through what you describe, can you back pain syndrome that so wrong messages – a common disease of office workers. The main culprits of back pain are due to be back at the campaign, but sat many incorrect postures (constantly bent, crooked back, bend your back …), resulting in lumbar muscles were taut, twist crooked, poor circulation … leads to pain.

People who suffer from back pain due to poor posture should apply the following treatments: Located rest quietly in bed 2-3 days to ease aching muscles tensed. When located, occasionally leaning to the left, to the right; flex your feet, hands to the bed started lifting up and lay down again. Just sitting or standing when necessary. Use of painkillers, sedatives, but is very careful, along with hot and cold compresses on the sore. Massage is also a good method of back pain has the effect of blood flow to the tiny blood vessels and relaxes muscles.

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When feeling back, pain has support should skip exercise with gentle movements to the mechanical effect of the abdomen and lower back. After seven days, if still not better back pain, pain to move to another location, such as lower back pain sides, down the buttocks, thighs, hard to put your feet up, go and see the pain. You should visit doctors because back pain can be a sign of diseases like kidney and spine spondylosis, sciatica…

The Outer Layer of Covered Skin Recliner:

The recliner is covered by a layer of synthetic leather with a durable and good elasticity. It is an ideal material can withstand a continuous motion, is used to cover all kinds of high-end sofa over many years.

Some chairs are usually made of cowhide, and because it is so natural skin so there will be higher prices on the high price but not that there will be good quality. However, genuine leather recliner chair easily was torn after a time use, it’s caused by skin elasticity cannot be synthesized by the skin after an active process with continuous movement so the seat made of genuine leather will gradually stretch and torn.

The Best Product to Clean a Recliner:

Although the synthetic leather material is very durable and tough, some people always want to keep their units recliner always has to look like new.

The Lean Leather Recliner Hygiene Steps

Step 1: Check

Before conducting the toilet seat, check carefully whether the hole, do not tear streaks to avoid water and detergent and deep penetration, in the long run, will cause breath and seat position.

Before deciding to use certain detergents for cleaning, you should carefully read the instructions and the manufacturer’s warnings. In each user manual accompanying possible information on how to care for leather seats and cleansers should avoid contact.

Step 2: Vacuuming

Use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum the dust on the surface of the seat. Need to select a vacuum with appropriate nozzle to blow out dust in the gaps between the rows or cracks. Perform tasks gently to avoid scratching the surface of the seat.

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Step 3: Remove Dust and Dirt on the Surface

There are two cases, either the seat surface a layer of dirt clung can see clearly, or as small dust hardly noticed with the naked eye. Use a damp cloth to wipe the dust layer, or you can use more specialized detergents for leather.

Without looking to buy detergent for this material, either to save more, then you can create a mixture of detergent is quite effective and safe with a combination of 1 part white vinegar and two parts oil linen spray entered either a small bowl, mix well. This compound is gentle enough to clean traces of dust, smudges on the surface of the chair; just to help the skin surface becomes shinier and very safe with her skin.

Step 4: Clean

Detergents and cloth can only help clean the stains lightly grip the surface, to clean deeper, we need a soft bristle brush. Spray detergent directly onto the chair and gently scrub with a brush.

If leather upholstery is no vent type, you should remember not spray cleaners directly onto the surface of the seat, instead, to bleach to a stiff bristle brush to scrub and sparse, then wipe dry with a towel few.

Step 5: Clean Detergent

After removing traces of dust, stains on the skin surface, we need to clean the used detergent using a soft cloth towel soaked in the coolant and then on this scarf.

Step 6: Clean Periodically

With seats in leather, as well as other details, have leather, you should clean up periodically each month, or if no time is at least 3-4 times a year. You can also perform more often as soon as noticed dirt and chairs began to turn yellow phenomenon, this helps to clean the surface recently, just brighter.