How To Choose The Best Paint Sprayer And Maintain It Effectively

Currently on the market there are many types of guns slithering spray paint specialist for portable timber industry, cars, cosmetics, metal … but to opt for a paint spray gun suitable timber industry is not easy thing.

It is the best solution for industry and then the engineer can implement this job effectively. On the market there are some models for this product for you to choose. You can consider and then choose best hvlp paint sprayer to help you serve this job.

Normally, we should choose paint spray gun timber industry, choose the model with a diameter of 1.3 or 1.5 m. Spray used cars in the garage we choose model: W101-134G (1.3) and W400-142G (1.4). With years of experience in the field of paint spray systems we offer a selection of scientific methodology to guide you to optimize the selection of 1 paint spray gun for each job category and model that is based on the density of the paint.

A good paint sprayer help you operate job effectively and save much time in painting. Currently on the market there are two types of powder coating technology:

Electrostatic powder coating technology: Application to paint metal products: steel, aluminum, stainless steel…

Using Spray Paint Effectively

Keep clean the gun after the operation, the industrial cooperation with the coating system must be cleaned well as a closer. When Toilet disassembled gun without all the parts of the gun, but should only clean the paint section passing

Results Airless Spray Image

When purchasing industrial spraying machine for wood industry buyers select the type you do not know how good spray gun and matching demand and selling expenses can afford, you should first learn about the specialized distribution sites on the paint spray guns, of many famous brands such as: Iwata, Meiji, PRONA … there you will be advised details on features and uses of each type of paint spray gun Taiwan, Japan and the spray gun hand painted other cheap.

Currently on the market all over the world has many lines of spray paint for wood, metal… Japan and Taiwan, but to find the most suitable type for the timber industry, we recommend that you use the spray paint electricity

With the smooth puree spray, easy to clean and long life has brought efficiency and cost savings many worthy supplies pocket money that you spend

Pressure gun system used with diaphragm pumps or paint mixing pot. This is a paint spray gun automatic model especially not use cups that contain paint used with diaphragm pumps or paint mixing pot

This model is used for continuous spray coating system, not adding new paint using cups containing should save time and sprayed onto the scale used in multiple and continuous product.

Tighten slightly funnel containing paint and wire into the gun tightly before painting. Indochina memory material vapor and spray before using the gun.

Do not use the following solvent: methylene chloride, chemicals may react with naughty body with explosive weapons. Do not use chemicals to clean or spray this. Do not leave the gun in the acid-rich cleanser. If you are in doubt, have asked suppliers.

How To Maintain Paint Sprayer

To keep this product operate in a long time, you need to know about cleaning it after using. How to preserve good maintenance airless spray Storage timber industry maintained airless spray timber industry.

This is the experience we were hoping to conclude our customers more convenient to use the gun.

There are many different ways that help you clean paint sprayer. After using this product, you need to use a small besom to clean it.

I have introduced to you a good product that help you paint in your house effectively. With worker, it is the best solutions that help you do this work steading, nicely. Besides more other product in the market, you should equip for yourself this product and then you won’t lose much time in painting. With many pros and advantages, the paint sprayer can adapt enough demand of customer to all corner in your house can paint harmony. But to use this product safety, you should make sure you know about it and then you can use it without some dangers.

Good luck to you.