We all know that it is not easy to choose a suitable pack and play for our babies. To help them have better sleep all day and night as well as avoid nightmares, potential dangers such as fire, electric power or water, we ought to equip them with a pack and play. It is clear that the bed of traditional design can provide more space for our babies but it is not necessary on the grounds that each baby only constitute a small area. The most important thing is their safety. For this feature, a best pack and play is one of the most appropriate types. In this article, we will help you choose a suitable item.

  1. The size of the pack and play

In the market now, there are a lot of types of pack and play, depending on the age of your babies, their assizes, too. However, we can divide them into several types: pack and play of 70 x 100, 80 x 120, 80 x 150 (unit: centimeter). These are the most common types. In addition, there are also some other sizes. Moreover, there are also several accessories for these pack and plays. To choose the suitable sizes, you had better base on the space of the room where the pack and play is placed. In addition, it is also subject to your babies. If your babies are about 2 years old, you can buy a pack and play of large size. However, if your babies are just some months old, you only need to buy a small one.

  1. The design of the pack and play

A lot of pack and plays are smartly designed with a stair to take the babies in more easily. After that, we detect the stair so that our babies cannot get out of the pack and play. In addition, many types can be folded when unnecessary. Our kids are very naughty and they can climb the pack and play anytime when we do not pay attention to them. As a result, they can fall easily. Therefore, we can fold the pack and play after using. For some modern types, there are also wheels for moving. In a room we can push the pack and play to have more fun with your babies.

You ought to consider and check all the details in the corner or angles of the pack and play carefully. Those details should be smooth and not pointy to avoid touching our babies. In addition, the pack and play needs to be firm and stable so that our babies can stand and move in it. Thus, all the edges should be examined thoroughly, too.

  1. The material

A major of pack and plays are made of wood. There are also a lot of wood materials for you to choose. It depends on the amount of money you spend on this product that you can look for a suitable one.

  1. The pain

One thing you need to take notice of is that you have to check the pain of the pack and pay. Some manufacturers often pain the pack and play with low quality pain that contains chemicals and toxic substances. This pain will be harmful for your babies. Do not choose the pain that has unknown origin.

  1. Some qualifications

When you buy a pack and play, you have to measure its height. You need to insure that your babies cannot get out of the pack and play when they grow up. The position of this product should be far from the window, door or wardrobe on the grounds that your babies often like to climb to get out on the floor.

Inside the pack and play, you had better use a thin mattress to bring more comfort to your babies. However, the mattress should be mounted firmly so that it cannot flip over our babies. One more note is that you should not allow your babies to play with toys such as teddy bears or balls while they are in the pack and play since they can make your babies breathless.

These are our tips about choosing and appraising a pack and play. We hope that you will choose the best one for your babies.