Tips for using and reserving rice cookers

July 2, 2015

  Using – Dry the outside of the pot before put into the shell to keep the heat disc and temperature senso clean to avoid sound when heating. – The pots has a steam vent which should be kept opened. When cooking, do not open the lid. When the rice has been put into the pot, you have to remember to stretch the rice to be well cooked.You should not…


How to choose a suitable rice cooker for your house

June 17, 2015

Rice cooker is constructed by an electric cooker and electronic component which turns off automatically. Rice is cooked by the heat of the fire tray placed in the pot. So if not properly maintained, the pot is easily damaged. Classify Currently on the market there are many brands of different rice cooker from Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, but basically they are divided into two main categories: mechanical rice cooker and…


Choosing a good mechanical  and electronic rice cooker

June 1, 2015

Although electronic rice cookers have been around for a long  time but due to high prices so the majority of customers still choose mechanical ones. Rice cooker is kind of cooking pots that have to switch up and down or side to side, while electronic rice cooker also has a control panel for you to press. Mechanical rice cooker It is cheap rice cooker, easy to use and suitable for…